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3 Reasons Companies Hire an Event Planner

The majority of companies in any industry hold some type of meetings or events.
Events range from internal parties such as company retreats and holiday parties, to external events such as open houses and tradeshows.
In today's blog, I'll discuss the 3 main reasons that companies elect to hire event help.
1. You Need Support to Be Successful
Perhaps you have an event planner on staff or a dedicated position for handling your company event planning needs. But, there may come a time where you need some extra support to get the job done. It may be that it is a larger event than typical, or it's an extremely busy time for your team. By hiring in temporary event planning help, you can get the job done right.
2. It's Not Your Area of Expertise
Perhaps you have not planned an event before. Or, you have done it before and it's not your forte. Whatever the case is, you are responsible for planning an event and don't have the right staff to delegate to. By hiring in event planning help, you can focus on your other priorities and save yourself the time and stress.
3. You're in a Tough Situation
Perhaps your company has become unexpectedly short-staffed. Or, you have had another major project come up and it's made it a challenge to get the ball rolling for an upcoming event. Many of the times companies hire an event planner, it's because they are in a time of dire need. By hiring event planning help, you can get the job done fast and still be successful.
Hiring an event planning firm may sound costly or unnecessary. Typically, when contracting out event planning services, clients will be able to reduce costs due to the event planning company's relationships with vendors and knowledge. Along with that, hiring experienced event support can result in increased success for your event, reduced stress for employees and more time to spend on other initiatives.
By: Catherine Mayfield, Owner/Founder of EventConnect
EventConnect offers a variety of event planning services for businesses. Contact us today for a free consultation!
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