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7 Secrets to Become a Party Hosting Pro

The holidays are upon us! Tis the season for enjoying time with friends and family. If you are hosting this year, don't let the stress get the best of you.
It's often thought that the host never gets to have fun. With some proper planning, you can set the stage to enjoy the party too!
In today's blog, we offer seven secrets to become a party hosting pro.
1. Plan Your Menu Strategically
Don't bite off more than you can chew by planning to prepare several time-consuming recipes on the day of the party. Do some browsing for food ideas and then start a list. From there, begin to narrow down the list and plan for the most special menu that will make for the least amount of stress. Crock pots are a great idea for appetizers. Start them in the morning and forget about them. It's best to make everything you can in advance and freeze or refrigerate. Then, pop them in the oven on the day of the party. It's also helpful to add in a few pre-made items that you purchase.
2. Start to Prepare Early
Stress free party planning takes much more than the day of the party or the night before. Spread out the work so that you don't get overwhelmed. Start to get your house ready during the week before the party. If you are able, you can set up decorations the day before the party. Do your errands well ahead of time. If you are missing anything at the last minute, it will be much easier to run and pick it up.
3. Focus on the Elements of a Good Party Atmosphere
What makes a great party? It's the overall atmosphere. The people, the food & drinks, the entertainment/conversation, the ambience. Make sure to focus on the important pieces to put together a great gathering. For guests, think about who will fit together well to have a good time. Be sure to get invitations out well in advance. Stock plenty of food and drinks. Be thoughtful about elements such as music and lighting and seating.
4. Don't Overschedule on the Day of the Party
If possible, eliminate any other obligations on the day of the party. A "quick trip" to the store or appointment can end up taking a chunk out of your day and cause unnecessary stress.
5. Watch Out for Pinterest
Once you start browsing Pinterest, you can get inspired to go overboard on decorations, games or other elements. It's important to be realistic about what is important. When planning party decor, go for elements that will make the biggest impression with the least amount of time and energy.
6. Leave Time for Yourself
Leave plenty of time on the day of the party to get ready. If you plan well, you'll have a window where you can sip a glass of wine and focus on doing your hair/makeup/getting dressed. Don't plan to do too much where you are scrambling at the last minute to shower. Your calm demeanor will set the stage for a great party.
7. Enjoy!
You've worked hard. Enjoy all of your planning and preparation. You'll need to watch to restock the food and drinks, but a great host should still have fun!
By: Catherine Mayfield, Owner/Founder of EventConnect
For even less stress, have EventConnect plan your next gathering. Contact us today for a free consultation!
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